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As a non-profit, the dogs we save depend on your donations for their support until they find their full time home! Donations can be mailed directly to Operation Save A Shelter Dog at 6150 W Blackwater Rd, Zuni, VA 23898.  

Donations can also be made  securely through PayPal - all donations go directly to the dogs!

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Amazon Smile

EVERY time you shop on Amazon Smile (the same thing as regular Amazon), they will donate a portion of your sales to Operation Save A Shelter Dog if you select us as your charity!  Simply go to and select us as your preference and shop away .  You can also visit our Amazon Smile page to see the items on our wish list!


If you shop at Krogers, you can select Operation Save A Shelter Dog to receive community rewards based on your purchases.  to sign up, simply go to:

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