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Fostering Saves Lives

Foster families are the heart of our organization - those who open their home to a dog in need.  OSSD dogs join our rescue through warm, comfortable homes where they thrive with attention and love. Our foster families work to socialize and interact with the dogs in order to learn their strengths and understand their challenges.  We provide veterinary care, food, and supplies such as crates, bowls, and toys. Our fosters are matched with a personal point of contact to answer any questions along the way. We understand that fostering is a commitment, one that can last from an overnight stay to a few weeks so we are extremely selective in the homes we choose.  If you would like to be considered as a foster parent, please complete and submit the Foster Application below.  If you would like additional information, please complete and submit the request for information form. 

Foster Application



Cell Phone/ Work Phone/HomePhone*

Email Address*

Have You Ever Fostered Before? If so please list all rescues you have fostered for.*

Employer - Name, Address, Phone Number, Position and time with this employee

Home Setting*

If you are a renter, please list your Landlord's name, address and phone number along with the amount of time you have lived here.


Fence Description - Height, Material, Number of Gates

Family Members - Please list below the people living in your household, age, and relationship to you.

Current Veterinary Information - Please list the name, address, phone number for your current veterinarian and the amount of time you have been there.

Current Companion Animals - Please list below each current companion animal within your household along with species, breed, age, and gender. Please include if the animals are spayed/neutered, date of last vaccinations, if you have ever had elective surgery performed on the animal (declawing, ear cropping, etc.) and if the animal has ever been bred.

Previous Companion Animals - Please list below any companion animals that you have owned within the last 5 years that are no longer living with you and the reason they are no longer in your home.

Living Conditions for Current Companion Animals - Please list below where your companion animals stay at night, amount of time they spend outdoors, where he/she stays when you are not at home, and any accommodations you have to make for your pets.

Number of Dogs You can Foster

Characteristics of Dog you are looking to foster - Please list the name of the specific dog you are looking to foster - if there is no specific dog of interest, please list any specific characteristics you would need to consider (breed, age, size, etc.)

References - Please list below two references that are not related to you. Include their name, address, and phone number.

Agreement - My name below indicates my agreement that all statements in this application are made based on personal knowledge and are made for purposes of my application to foster one or more animals through OSSD’s foster care program.*

I understand a OSSD representative may visit my home for a home inspection before my foster application is approved. 

I understand that if I am approved for fostering, I will also need to carefully read the “Foster Care Agreement,” which is a separate document from this “Foster Care Application.” The Foster Care Agreement represents the legal contract between a foster caregiver and OSSD. I understand that if I am approved to foster an animal, I must review the Foster Care Agreement before I can take my foster animal home. I further understand that I will

be asked to agree to the terms of the Agreement and sign the Agreement before I can take my foster animal home. • I have read this Application in its entirety, and I agree that all statements contained in this document are made by me, and are truthful.

Contact Us if you are interested in being a foster parent but need more information!


Email Address*


Foster parents are the heart of our rescue.  If you are interested in fostering, please send us a message but would like additional information!

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